Livro Kanrenbuí em inglês

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Kanrenbui - The Millenary art of Oriental Cure

Authors: Paula Guimaraes e Fernando Montoto

Format: Book


Kanrenbui is a therapeutic method based on the principle that all parts of the body are related to one another. It teaches us that in every region of the body - feet, hands, ears, top of the head - we find small maps of the entire physical structure. Therefore, through the specific points in these region, you can treat problematic areas in the body. Different stimuli can be used to treat these points: pressure with the fingers, acupunture needles, heat from moxibustion, among others.

The use of Kanrenbui has been shown to be effective for the treatment of pain in the spine and joints, and for the maintenance of the functions of internal organs. Moreover, it gains importance in cases where it is not possible to manipulate the affected part due to intense pain or to the possibility of aggravating the symptoms.

This book presents, in a simple and acessible way, this ancient technique that can be self-applied or used in body therapy. 



Illustrator: GODOY, LUCAS


Publishing Company: Oki-do Terapia Corporal

Edition: 1

Subject Metter: Oriental Medicine - Chinese Medicine


Edition Year: 2019

Production Country: BRAZIL

ISBN: 978-85-61364-06-9


Number of Pages: 144

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